The Cannabis plant is composed of several elements (similar to normal flowering species).


Stem: Is the main support of the plant.

Node: Part of the stem from which a leaf or branch grows.

Fan Leaves: An outgrowth that grows from a node in the stem. Main function is to convert energy from sunlight into chemical energy (food) through photosynthesis.

Cola: (Terminal Bud) located at the apex (tip) of the stem.

Calyx: (Mature Bud) the actual “flower” part of the female plant.

Trichomes: Resin-filled glands that cover the surface of calyxes as well as leaves and stems.

Pistils: (Red-orange colored hairs) function is to catch the male pollen in order to create seeds and procreate.

Sugar Leaves: Smaller leaves (used to make edible after being trimmed, dried and cured.)